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The Bible in Revelation 22:20 has Christ speaking to us, and He states, “Surely, I come quickly”, which is followed by John’s words which has been echoed through the ages where our response is, “Come, Lord Jesus”.  We as a people, as a Christian people, even as a “movement” like the Seventh Day Adventist Church are quick to respond in this way but due to our understanding of prophecy—or not, we don’t say those words, “Come, Lord Jesus” too loudly, or at all, UNLESS we can bypass all the unpleasantness which has to take place before.

The Bible has been true to its word, thus far.  It has predicted the sun not shining, the moon having the likeness to blood and the stars falling.  All these things have occurred more than a hundred years ago which means we’re further ahead a hundred years later and for sure the plagues will come.  Oh, for those who believe in that “Secret Rapture” mess, you won’t be escaping it unless you die and here’s a newsflash for you, you ain’t going directly to heaven upon death.  The other lie the devil told in the Garden of Eden, so erase that pleasant thought.  There is no “going to be with the Lord” which seems to be so easily said at funerals.

What can we look forward in these days which are also predicted and must come to pass before Jesus can come? Well, I’ll be glad to share with you.  It can easily be stated whatever is happening now, the opposite is going to take place.  Let’s enumerate a few:

  1. The United States Constitution which has been touted as a symbol of democracy and strength, the rights of people being determined by the U.S. Supreme Court will begin to overturn these rights as we have known them and experienced them.  Homosexuals will have to return to the closet and hopefully stay there.  One’s right to free speech will be limited to what you think and the fear of sharing them to even your friends, family and co-workers.  Those weapons you have hidden in your workplace and office will be used against you to bring you to justice when they were supposed to be used to protect you.
  2. The booming economy which you are enjoying especially after the dreaded Recession recently experienced will collapse.  You thought the recession was bad?  Well, you haven’t seen anything—yet.  Those of you making new home purchases because of your new found wealth and low interest rates will be seen repeating what was so prevalent just a few years ago with the “for sale” signs on the front lawns.  The record low unemployment will become record high unemployment.
  3. The rumors of wars between nations will become no longer a rumor but a fact.  Many will seek to join the armed forces because it will be the only work one will easily find which will guarantee the ability to live, eat and if you’re killed, well, it’s an easier fate to experience than that of starving and watching your family starve.
  4. As the economy falters and fails, as the elements in the heavens produce catastrophes unknown to the record books when category F5’s will have to be raised higher to compensate for the extreme weather, many will begin to turn to God in hope of finding reconciliation and peace.  However, how one does this will be regulated and monitored.  Those who think to do so in their current traditional ways will find themselves at odds with the law where many of your loved ones like spouses and children giving you up to the authorities because you’re not following the transcribed way and the close bond you share will only fortify those with the capacity to give you up into heroes of acclaim and reward.

Am I reaching you yet?  These are some of the thing which must take place before your “Come, Lord Jesus” becomes a reality.  So, when you see what is happening in the hallowed halls of Congress, the bench in the Supreme Court and at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, think of these things.  Many of you have never faced judgment in courts of law.  You don’t know what it means to sit and hear your case, your life, being discussed among people using a language you don’t understand and laws you’re not authorized or educated to understand while you stand numb awaiting the final understandable pronouncement of the verdict and sentencing.  I do.  And because I do, I am able to look at these matters and embrace them because when I do I wholly accept what is happening and can see past the days coming knowing full well I/we/you have to go through them in order for those words, “Come, Lord Jesus” to become a welcomed sight to behold.

Debating the merits of the political arena makes no sense.  Trying to understand what is happening in Iran, North Korea and Russia, makes no sense.  What does make sense is knowing who you are, where you are and how you are in the eyes of God.  Your vote means nothing.  Your voice means nothing.  Your efforts mean nothing.  When you review what took place during the “Day of Atonement” which is likened to the Investigative Judgment, the people who were awaiting the High Priest to come out from the Most Holy Place could not care less what was happening in the nations around them.  Their focus was within the curtain.  They didn’t care what the Philistines or Egyptians or anyone who had given them problems in the past.  That was in the past.  What was present and their future was what was taking place inside.  The same should be our attitude and position with the events of the world.  I’ve said this before and will say it again, “unless you are looking through the lens of prophecy regarding the events of the world you cannot possibly see what is truly taking place.”

So, “Come, Lord Jesus” must be spoken seriously and with intent.  It has to be spoken with the understanding before He can come some very unpleasant things must take place—first.  And, no matter how much you wish to ignore, delay or believe it won’t, or the timing is not right, you will be just as guilty as those who found themselves banging on the door of the Ark as the rain began falling.  That was when they truly understood but their fate had already been determined.  Determine yours today.

July 5, 2018